Chris Fowler

Chris Fowler

Media relations specialist & founder of Mint PR Ltd

Media relations specialist with a decades global agency experience spearheading two UK media practices before bursting on to the scene with Mint PR in 2003. Chris delivers savvy media campaigns which are do-able, measurable, embrace new and traditional media and are always undertaken with a keen  eye on the agreed business objective.

Chris excels at working across all media platforms. His considerable sector experience comprises consumer, finance, healthcare, technology and corporate. He is no stranger to C suite and corporate positioning having worked with everyone from blue chip CEOs to oligarchs. When Miss World was staged in London Chris was assigned the task of handling Miss USA’s PR (never again).

Chris specialises in devising, implementing and executing integrated, strategic communication programmes with the focus on results; advocating “more substance, less style”.

Chris is used to working across borders be they geographical or cultural.